Blair Stencil - Skin 5

Product information "Blair Stencil - Skin 5"

With Skin 5, Dru Blair has launched an all-in-one texture stencil that combines up to 15 different shapes and textures in one stencil. Starting with the curvy outer edge, which is suitable for any round demarcation in illustrations of all kinds, through 6 different micro-dot patterns, 5 skin texture variations to eyebrow templates and fine lines, the stencil offers assistance to give works of any kind an even more realistic touch. The stencil is made of reusable, solvent-resistant and milky-transparent Mylar plastic, has a diameter of approx. 17.8 cm and has been cut using high-precision laser technology.

Size: approx. 17.8 x 17.8 cm
Highly detailed and precise laser cut
Flexible and reusable
Made from solvent-resistant plastic
milky / translucent