Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/23, No. 69

Product information "Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/23, No. 69"

Release: September 29, 2023


Airbrushes: Gaahleri Sets GHAC-98 and GHAD-39
Equipment: No-name Cool Tooty compressor
Paints: Amsterdam Acrylic Inks 
Accessories: Vsion Air
Media: Aerografia


Step by Steps

Ocean Eyes
Effect portrait
Marissa Oosterlee's love of the sea and nature is as great as her passion for art. With "Ocean Eyes" Marissa shows a diverse mixed media of airbrush, watercolour and etching techniques.

Tawny Owl
Animal Illustration
The US artist David Nunez has created a design in Procreate from various references and painted it in grisaille technique with airbrush and brush on a gesso board.

Sweet Van Gogh
Cake design
New York-based patissier Alexey Ivanov has designed a Van Gogh 3D cake at the request of a client. Alexey explains not only the airbrushing process, but also the complete construction of his sugar work. 

The last unicorn 
Fantasy illustration 
A fairytale motif has been "conjured up" by New York artist Jeffrey Martinez : With only two colours, stencilling and freehand work, he created a monochrome fantasy illustration with a unicorn and a princess castle. 


Compressors 101 
Features, types, models, connection, maintenance 
The most important features, criteria, facts and tips about the air source compressor compiled and interview with the leading compressor manufacturer Sparmax. 


Steam locomotives and jets 
Technical illustration by Brian Jones 
British illustrator Brian Jones specialises in technical illustrations for museums and industry. In this interview he gives us a brief insight into his work and his working methods.



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