Airbrush Step by Step Reference Book - Wildlife

Product information "Airbrush Step by Step Reference Book - Wildlife"

Airbrush Step by Step Reference Book - Wildlife
44 selected designs for painting inspiration and reference

The new series "Airbrush Step by Step Reference Book" provides you with ideas and templates for your airbrush projects on various themes.

In the "Wildlife" volume you will find 44 wild animal designs as inspiration and painting templates. In addition to the animals mentioned above, there are also zebras, owls, elephants, foxes, crocodiles, deer, rhinos, bears and smaller creatures such as koalas, badgers and raccoons. The designs are available in different styles, sometimes photorealistic, sometimes fantastic, picturesque, comic-like, portrait or full, frontal or sideways. The designs are therefore suitable for a variety of surfaces and applications.

Softcover, 29.7 x 21 cm, 40 pages