Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/22, No. 64

Product information "Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/22, No. 64"

Release: June 30, 2022


Paints: Alphanamel
Accessories: daVinci dry brush, Graphtec plotter, Foxtail Set, Art Board review
Books: The Art of Star Wars
Digital: Huion Kamvas Pro 16 (2.5K)

Step by Steps

The Bee
Animal illustration
However large the little bee appears in this artwork - the British artist Tony Dee has painted it rather small. Nevertheless, he has devoted himself to the many hairs and textures of the small living creature with great attention to detail.

Black Jumbo
Animal illustration
A proud pachyderm animal, almost monochrome on a black background: Frenchman Xavier Gentilleau has created a soothingly beautiful work of art with this animal portrait. 

An old, grainy photograph taken by his brother Riccardo in Iraq inspired Italian artist Mario Romani to create this natural and melancholy portrait of an old Iraqi man. 

Your Glance is My Glance 
This work of Colombian artist Adriano Ayerbe is very special for him: the portrait shows his daughter Pam with her "dog daughter" Lana. Especially the expression of the eyes of human and dog was of great importance to Adriano in this work. 

Robbie Williams
Portrait on helmet
Finnish airbrush artist Jussi Säteri has painted the British pop star Robbie Williams on a helmet. On a black background, he first created a negative black and white image and then colored the underpainting. 

Pablo Picasso
B/W portrait
Pablo Picasso is one of the favorite artists of Australian-based artist Joseph Gonzalez. Using a simple mono airbrush technique, he is painting his idol for his personal home gallery. 

Ukrainian Butterflies
Acrylic decoration
The proceeds from the sale of the yellow-blue acrylic butterflies are donated by US-based Iryna Bershadska to help her compatriots in Ukraine.


Midwest Airbrush
A company from the hometown of airbrushing 
Talking with Sol Bovey about his airbrush supply store located in Chicago, USA.


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