Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/21, No. 61

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Release: September 30, 2021 News Airbrushes: Iwata Takumi Paints: Cyberpunk Red... mehr
Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 04/21, No. 61

Release: September 30, 2021


Airbrushes: Iwata Takumi
Paints: Cyberpunk Red
Accessories: Trigger Happy Needle Cap Keeper, Airbrush Purification Cup, Medea electric eraser, Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Maker
Books: Airbrushing 101, Here There be Dragons Europe Edition
Digital: Xencelabs pen tablet medium bundle


Step by Steps

Red dragon
From concept sketch to dragon illustration 
Canadian-based artist Rodrick Fuchs is not only a top-notch airbrush artist, but more importantly, he is blessed with a unique talent for drawing. Who can draw a dragon by heart.... 

Alien illustration on T-shirt
American airbrush artist Cozmo Colon has created a fan shirt based on the Venom movie poster.

Dark Creature
Horror artwork in grisaille technique
The realistic-looking illustration was designed by US artist Jessie Madera, compiled from various templates on the computer and then implemented in grisaille technique.

Fantasy portrait
Based on a conventional portrait photo, Spanish artist Juanjo Baron has given his model something magical and mysterious. 

Daryl Dixon
Photorealistic actor portrait
A fan of "The Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus, Indonesian artist Ardy Marjohan took on the challenges of dirty-looking skin tones and highly defined skin textures. 



Inspired by the Renaissance
The Fantasy Art of Ed Beard Jr.
Ed Beard Jr. has been making fantasy art and illustrations for over 40 years - on just about any surface and for over 1,000 products that have been published featuring his work. 

Captive creations
The somewhat different artist life of Michael Wood
Michael Wood from Texas has been in prison since 2006. But it's thanks to his incarceration that he's been able to airbrush, make art his profession, and even offer commissioned work. 



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