Trigger Happy

Product information "Trigger Happy"

Trigger Happy: Fatigue-free work and precise airbrush control.

Retrofittable Trigger Happy Grip Sets, each consisting of a handle and lever attachment for upgrading the airbrush

available in 2 models:

Set A is suitable for Iwata Eclipse, Revolution and Neo airbrushes as well as various Paasche and Badger models, according to the manufacturer. In the editorial test, Set A was used, which also worked very well with Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes.

Set B is suitable for Iwata Hi-Line, High Performance and Micron as well as Richpen, according to the manufacturer.

The attachments are easily slipped on within a few seconds and securely enclose the components. The lever attachment can also be rotated to adjust the finger angle, and the significant increase in lever height allows for longer lever travel when adjusting the amount of ink. You can use the components together, but also individually. The thumb rests comfortably on the finger rest and can be rotated for excellent use by left-handed users. Both flow and suction systems can be converted with it. Placing it in an airbrush holder is also no problem. It only takes a brief moment to get used to the Trigger Happy. With many units, it actually seems surprising that you can now spray even finer. The Happy trigger components are made of polyurethane rubber, so even for allergy sufferers, the use of the airbrush device is thus much more pleasant.