Airbrush Step by Step set 2010 (2 issues)

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2 issues of the year 2010 in English language for a special price! 02/10 Photorealistic... more
Airbrush Step by Step set 2010 (2 issues)

2 issues of the year 2010 in English language for a special price!


Photorealistic Illustrations
Mokokaikala Hawai’i by Luca Pagan
A simple visit to Hawaii by the Italian-born illustrator Luca Pagan served as the inspiration to this illustration. His original template photo is from a motor bike show in Honolulu.

Stars & Planets: How To Create Galaxys
An outer space illustration for airbrush beginners
This motive combines the most important basic airbrushing techniques. Making use of templates and masking film techniques as well as some simple freehand effects, you can create your own final frontier.

The Secret of Photorealism
Marissa Oosterlee explains the basics of photorealistic work 
Her self portrait is a textbook example of photorealism. Marissa shows how you can use photorealism to create illusions and tell a story to the viewer.

Harley Tank with Airbrush Portraits and Pinstriping
Tank Kids by Marcel Sinnwell
Portraits are one of the greatest challenges in custom painting. Prospect talent Marcel Sinnwell creates a perfectly arranged and simultaneously very personal family design.

Automotive Design Basics from Scuffing to Varnishing
Custom painting classroom by Dennis Mathewson
US custom painting professional Dennis Mathewson presents preparatory works, professional use of colors and varnish, and the proper form of clear coating for airbrush design assignments.

Report: The Early Days of Airbrush Technology
Take a trip into the past with specialty author Mathias Faber to the days when airbrushing became the primary tool for photographers and printers.


Somaja, the little Pharaoh
A portrait of a child by Jaroslav Kremecek

Swiss artist Jaroslav Kremecek transforms his sweet grandchild into a childlike Pharaoh: Instead of a baby’s bonnet, she is given a royal headpiece – albeit one suitable for a child, made of a fl uffy knitting frottee instead of shiny gold!

Moon Maiden: The Beauty of Mars
Sexy Alien from Michael Calandra
The famous fantasy and pin-up illustrator Michael Calandra creates an alien beauty in a threatening and mystic environment. He makes specific use of lights, shadow, and colors for his purposes.

Fantasy Worlds
Mixing techniques for foggy Swamps and floating Rocks
Who would not want to create worlds that only exist in one’s own fantasy? Who would not want to create worlds that aren’t always subject to the physical laws of the world we know? The fl oating mountains of Pandora served as Roger Hassler‘s Inspiration.

Queen of the Desert
Airbrush painting for model tank Matilda
Painting models is like conducting warfare: It has to be planned perfectly. Model builder Sascha Stey shows you how this works with his tank model Matilda.

Dangerously Seductive!
Bloody vampire mouth by Sarah Richter
Vampires are commonly known as simultaneously threatening and sensuous. They often seduce their victims with their charm, only to mercilessly suck them of their blood. Sarah Richters‘ motif leaves no room for doubting this…

The 10 most common Beginner Problems
The right pressure for the right color that’s got to flow through the right nozzle – Airbrushing can be treacherous, especially for beginners. ASBS is here to help!

Report: A Look at the Painting Pots from Schmincke
“Aero Color“ from Schmincke is one of the most commonly applied airbrush colors in Central Europe. The ASBS Team took a look into the painting pots during the production process.

Portfolio: Arno Schätzle
A dreamer who has a soft spot for comics and whose favorite color is black: Arno Schätzle‘s pictures always differ, but he always manages to stay true to his style. 

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