Airbrush Step by Step annual set 2015 (4 issues)

Airbrush Step by Step annual set 2015 (4 issues)
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All four issues of the year 2015 in English language for a special price! For more... more
Airbrush Step by Step annual set 2015 (4 issues)
  • All four issues of the year 2015 in English language for a special price!

    For more information on the content of the single issues, please follow the links below to each individual product page:



    Usain Bolt’s Flaming Lion – Painting Helmets
    Tatjana Bösl designed a Quad helmet for the world’s sprinting champion Usain Bolt.

    Kum Rider – Painting Miniatures
    A size of 28 mm is big enough for Angel Giraldez to paint realistic and detailed miniatures.

    Fireball – Illustration on Paper
    Marcus Eisenhuth turned the German soccer fairy tail into a memorial.

    Waters of Laos – Illustration on cardboard
    Jan Peeters tells the secret of strictly designed landscape painting.

    Round 2 with Roger Hassler’s Texture Effects.

    Red Lips
    “Airbrushtutor“ Mitch Lowther shows how to master volume, form and texture of lips.

    Clear Coating
    Holger "Candyman" Schmidt tells you everything about the glossy finish.



    Morgan Freeman – Illustration on Canvas
    The portrait of Morgan Freeman, painted by John Florez, combines various styles and materials.

    Achilles – Automotive Painting
    Bernhard Laschober designs a Trojan style Harley with copper foil and a portrait of Achilles.

    Paul Newman – Illustration on Aluminum
    Steve Driscoll shows how to paint a color portrait from a black and white photo.

    Moon Wolf – Illustration on Wood
    This artwork is a prototype of Jürek’s amazing airbrush and paint brush mixed technique.

    Skulls & Flags – Automotive Painting
    White skulls and flags on a black truck – that’s classic automotive painting by Steve Gibson’s.

    Metal Finish
    Roger Hassler shows how to create a fake metal look with an airbrush and a paintbrush.

    Fitto – No Fear of Fitto
    Canadian Martin Bouchard goes about his designs with a good bit of sensitivity, fantasy, and professionalism.



    Mickey Runaway Brain – Disney Illustration
    Mickey Mouse as an airbrushing maniac: Gerald Mendez plays with effect stencils, Candy paints and Disney characters

    Strawberry Tongue – Airbrushing T-Shirts
    Alluring: Argentinian Diego Baubinas designs the Strawberry tongue on a T-Shirt.

    David Bowie – Portrait on T-Shirt
    This is not just for David Bowie followers: Ariel Castellaro shows an amazing black and white portrait with a „color spot“.

    The Way of the Warrior – Airbrush on Helmet
    Lies Maria Wilhelm traces the way of the Samurai and is decorating a motor bike helmet with cherry blossoms, characters and warriors.

    The Ferryman – Illustration on Cardboard
    German Sarah Richter imagines a hellride to beyond with the ferryman Charon.

    Water Drops
    Roger Hassler show simple masking techniques to render water drops for different designs.

    Rob van Dijk
    Very productive: Dutchmen Rob van Dijk renders two new artworks per month – just as a hobby!



    Monkey Business – Gorilla portait
    Finnish artist Ari Huttunen de Carvalho renders an impressive number of folds.

    Requiem for a dream – Steampunk portrait
    825 hours of work: Jeroen van Neijhof is definitely a perfectionist and passionate about details.

    Miss Wet T-Shirt – Sexy Pin up
    Jaroslaw Bytow needs nothing but one color plus a bunch of erasing and scratching tools for his wet beauty.

    Mr Snuggles – Clown portrait
    Ugliness meets perfect free handing in Chad Mahone’s scary clown portrait. Texture stencils and spray make for the final touch.

    Dracula – Lettering
    Younes Bouchlouch designs the vampire’s signature with plotter stencils and free hand shading

    More than just air: Roger Hassler meets the challenge to painting clouds.

    Clear your head – Interview with Harald Rettich
    Planning, sketching, masking: No way! Harald Rettich takes his gun and sees what happens…

    Artist meet-up under palm trees
    Georg Huber meets Dennis Matthewson on Hawaii


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