Product information "Grind Tower"
Electric needle sharpener and repair device, developed and manufactured by Ralph-Torsten Kolmer for needles with a diameter of 1.2 mm (e.g. Harder & Steenbeck 0.2 mm / 0.4 mm) 

Scope of delivery: Grind Tower with stand, a needle guide for needles with a diameter of 1.2 mm (suitable for 0.2 mm needles) and a sanding disc with 400 grit, a power supply unit and an additional sanding disc with 600 grit, tool for adjusting the height or depth stop of the sanding disc, the needle clamp for needle diameter 1.2 mm and operating instructions. 
The back of the defective needle is inserted into the needle clamping piece and then pushed into the stop. To increase the needle's resistance to damage, it is first ground blunt. Carefully push the needle into the guide provided and when the grinding noise occurs, slowly rotate the needle through 360 degrees several times until the grinding noise is reduced. The sealing cone of the needle is then ground. This is done on the other side of the needle guide plate and the grind tower must be rotated 180 degrees. The grinding process is similar here - grind again and rotate 360 degrees until the grinding noise is reduced. Finally, you should ideally polish the needle tip.

German instruction video: 

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