Conditions of vouchers

1. Shopping vouchers can be used for purchase of goods and payment of shipping costs at The minimum value of order is equal to the value of the voucher. If the value of the voucher is not enough to settle the order amount, you can choose from our diverse payment options.

2. Subscription vouchers can only be redeemed at for the subscription mentioned on the voucher. Regular conditions of subscription are to be applied.

3. Vouchers are delivered by mail as designed prints. On request vouchers can be delivered as designed and printable PDF documents. The delivery is made during usual working hours.

4. Encashment can be done in the shopping cart at by entering the voucher code to the respective field. Encashment by phone, fax or e-mail is not possible. For technical reasons, only one voucher code can be encashed with each order.

5. Every voucher can only be redeemed once. Cash redemption is not possible. Vouchers are transferable and valid up to 3 years from order date. Sales of vouchers is not allowed.