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Roxy Blade: Mini Bike by Steven Leahy Hard to believe that a motorcycle can fit on a razor... more
ASBS Magazine 02/12

Roxy Blade: Mini Bike by Steven Leahy
Hard to believe that a motorcycle can fit on a razor blade. Steven Leahy shows how he uses a miniature stencil, airbrush, paint brush and gold foil to paint a miniature Harley. And boy does it look like the original.

The Eye of the Tiger: Animal Portrait by Jürek   
US artist Jürek has the utmost respect for nature and all four-legged friends. In the tradition of the Dutch masters, he creates an impressive tiger portrait with realistic pelt structures and expressive eyes. One almost gets the impression of staring right into the predator's soul.

Sexy but Dangerous: Professional Drawing with Pin-up-Artist Dave Nestler
Creating a successful drawing based on a photograph is not all that simple. The techniques used to create forms and contours as well as realistic proportions for the human face are explained by Dave Nestler in light of a detailed pencil sketch.

Muscle Cars: Energy- loaded bodypainting by Flavio Bosco
Maintaining your coolness at a bodypainting competition is an artwork in and of itself. At the World Bodypainting Festival, Flavio Bosco magically brought about a color-happy motif on the body of his model and promptly took third place in the competition.

Vacation Flair in the Living Room: Wall paintings by Laila und Michael Witti
Designing one's own four walls via airbrushing is surely the dream of many artists. Team Witti-Design designs a Mediterranean backdrop with a view of the sea which places the observer right in a holiday mood.

En el Floridita: Photorealistic Caribbean flair by David Naylor
This is how you turn a lovely vacation memory into a dreamy airbrushing motif: David Naylor puts a lot of love into creating the details step by step for an old Chevrolet that he caught on his camera while on vacation in Havana, Cuba.

Portfolio: Jürek
US artist Jürek tells us even more about his artwork and provides us with some inside looks at his career path and his life philosophy.

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